Interior Design Trends 2022 - Colour Trends


Despite the popularity of pink, green and mint green, blue is still the colour that many opt for this year. Lighter shades such as powder blue and light blues are popular colour choices for rugs and leisure chairs. Dark blues such as navy blue and ultramarine  can create a sleek and sophisticated feel throughout.  Different shades of blue can be used to create a look that is deep and refined and can enhance any space.


The Green colour shades are naturally attractive. They impart an organic feel to the design, and help you feel more comfortable. The palette of warm greys and calming greens encourages a sense of harmony and a feeling of a warm welcome.  Greens accents complement other colours  such as white and beige while providing natural serenity and vibrancy.


Grey is universally appealing and timeless. It’s an adaptable colour that goes with every style, but it looks especially elegant when paired with wooden tones or metallics.

Grey and neutral tones give a room a calm and restful feel. The grey colour scheme is perfect for those who don’t want to compromise on style, but also don’t want the interior design of their home to be too loud or bold.


The brown color is inspired by nature. It features every shade that represents every hue in nature. It shows class, elegance, and sophistication. The color is also comfortable and soothing to the eyes. Brown is part of the home decor palette that is designed to provide an enhanced sense of balance in modern rooms. With earthy, sweet, and traditional undertones, this color is ideal for any space in your home.


Orange is a hot tone in decor. While bright and vibrant, orange can add such a unique pop to your room. Given its vibrancy, earthiness, and overall cheerfulness, it wouldn’t be surprising that orange is the new cool tone for 2022.